MJB Single phase Pumps

Here we can offer you these super-efficient MJB pumps - check out the features:

  - Motor shaft is totally enclosed and made of 316 grade stainless steel,

  - Motor is resin-encased, made to IP55 Class F rating and carries a 5 year warranty,

  - This is also S1 rated for continuous use,

  - Pump body is assembled with 304 grade stainless steel screws,

  - Motor bearings are double sealed,

  - Pump is resistant to salt treatment and sea water,

  - Ultra quiet operation!

  - Interchangeable with Certikin and Maitec HGS pumps, sharing the same dimensions for connection.

Check the specifications box below for the list of models available.

Please contact us to confirm availability and delivery times. Thank You.

    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    MJB050 Single Phase Pump - 1/2hp
    In Stock 1 £225.00
    MJB075 Single Phase Pump - 3/4hp
    In Stock 1 £232.00
    MJB200 Single Phase Pump - 2.0hp
    In Stock 1 £276.00

    The current models available are:

    - MJB 050M - 0.50hp, 0.37kW - Single Phase

    - MJB 075M - 0.75hp, 0.55kW - Single Phase

    - MJB 100M - 1.00hp, 0.74kW - Single Phase

    - MJB 150M - 1.50hp, 1.10kW - Single Phase

    - MJB 200M - 2.00hp, 1.46kW - Single Phase