The Dolphin E10 is a great little cleaner for small swimming pools up to 8 metres in length, or 26 feet in length. This light weight little number is very easy to use, and easy to clean too.
These machines are designed to clean the floor of your pool, not the walls - but that's where most debris in your pool will be. They are best suited to flat floors, rather than slopes.
Check out these great features -
- Compact and light-weight - weighing only 6.3kg
- short cycle time - only 1.5 hours
- fine filter basket, collects even the smallest particles,
- it needs no pre-installation work - you just drop it in the pool, plug in and set to work!
- maintenance is very easy - you Do It Yourself - with an easy to remove filter basket!
These really are great little cleaners, why not treat yourself to one this summer and save yourself the hassle and time of manual cleaning.
These are supported by a 24 month factory warranty.
Our price includes VAT and mainland delivery to most addresses within the UK.

Price: £576.00